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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Welcoming Spring

Last weekend brought on a wonderful taste of Spring. Randrea family was more than happy to partake in the glorious weather. We took Soren to the park, walked with out of town guests along the parkway, and lounged in the backyard with Soren dressed in his celebratory Spring (thanks Smith family!) onesie.

Let's meet the neighbors

Soren has a buddy from ECFE named Kai. They are only three days apart and live only three blocks from each other. As sweet and content as they may be now just to lay on their backs and occasionally acknowledge each other, I sense a future of tearing around the neighborhood on their bikes, walking to school together and eventually getting into who knows what kind of teenage trouble. Is it to early to introduce neighborhood boundaries on our stroller walks?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If you're happy and you know it smile at Grandma!

I watch my mother with so much love and pride in her role as a grandmother. She plays, laughs and sings with Soren. She makes sure I can rest and work, and she never complains that I ask her for too much. Thank you mom for being such a wonderful role model, I love you.

Family Reading Hour

Soren has a new friend, Jungolo - the African Zebra. He came as a gift from Helen who just returned from a month in Africa. Jungolo likes to hang out over the edges of chairs and couches where he can keep an eye on Soren as well as partake in the evening reading with Randy.

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's the little things.......

As easy as it is to get caught up and mesmerized by Soren's daily acheivements, one also has to take the time to cherish the new small physical additions - such as Soren's precious little eyelashes. Maybe Soren was born with the eyelashes and I just didn't notice them then, but now they are so prominent. I don't know what is is about a sleeping little baby that makes a parent coo themselves and marvel over their child's beauty and serenity - but I still fall for it every time Soren sleeps. Lately we have been blessed by Soren sleeping a solid 7-8 hours in the night. It apears that Mr. Sandman finally decided to visit our house. Sweet dreams everyone!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wild Hoging

Minneapolis is such a great city. How cool is it to be able to stroll to the light rail (Soren is lying down in stroller heaven), ride to the heart of downtown Minneapolis, walk a block to Block E and the Crown Theater and take in the 11am "Movies for Mom's". Each week a new film plays and this week we viewed Wild Hogs. Soren gave it a thumbs up, especially when John Travolta gave Soren a big wave.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Two Months!

Today marks Soren's two month "Birthday". He looks happy in this image - little did he know that within a few hours he would be getting his first shots. He did great with the shots and is now weighing in at 13 pounds 6 oz. Now that is a healthy boy!

Weekend Adventures

Our weekends lately have been rather full with activities and adventures. We spent this past Saturday at the one year birthday party for"Max". It is great to see the development of our friends' children as we wait in anticipation for Soren's own future milestones. After the party we headed off towards Trader Joes to get some groceries only to realize half way there that as efficient as we have become at packing up Soren and his necessities, we are lacking on our own end with neither of us bringing our wallets. After returning home to pick up the wallets, we spent the evening out for dinner, grocery shopping and even hit an art opening. On Sunday, Soren spent the morning at the YWCA swimming in the pool. He had a marvelous time, swimming for about 40 minutes and even dunked underwater a couple of times. I don't know who had more fun in the kiddie pool area, Soren or his parents trading off going down the water slide.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Class Buddies

Randy mentioned in the last entry that Soren and I are going to ECFE classes. We go every Thursday afternoon and have meet some wonderful mothers and babies. Most of Soren's classmates live in the neighborhood - so we have been able to go on stroller outings and coffee shop gatherings outside of the classroom. In the picture Soren is hanging out with his new buds Quinn and Kai (who by the way are also in cloth diapers). The second image is a close up of bundled up Soren since you can't see him in the first image. Now, if you think that we are either old school, cutting edge throw-backs or just plain crazy doing cloth diapers, check out another movement called "elimination communication" that I heard about from my friend Katie.