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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gus is 1.5 years older than Soren and is a master at sharing his toys. After their intense play session, Soren leaned in offering a playful nose rub thanking Gus for the fun playdate. Gus now has a 2 week old brother named Mason who will be Soren's playdate at the Movies for Moms tomorrow to see Hairspray!

Monday, July 16, 2007

6 Months Old!

BBQ 101

Uncle Chris and his friend Steve came from NYC to spend some time at the lake and teach Soren their BBQ'ing skills.

Big Boat vs. Little Boat

We are the only cabin on the lake that doesn't have a boat powered by a motor. We love the quiet calm of canoeing and the thrill of sailing with the wind at our backs. We were eager to get Soren in a boat and thought the canoe was the safest way to go. Soren was not happy with either the life jacket or the canoe. But what he does love is his own little blow up boat where he can putter around at his own pace, creating his own version of noise pollution with his shrieks of happiness.

Team Spirit @ Race For The Cure

The Brainerd Lakes Area sponsors the Komen Race for The Cure each July and this year we joined Team Ginger in honor of our friend Jonathan Brauer's late mother.

July 4th Baby Races

The competition was tough this year, as Soren had to compete against three 10 months old who actually did know how to crawl. The event was the Pequot Lakes annual July 4th Parade Festivities. At the baby crawl race, Soren was in top contender shape, regardless of lacking the necessary skill of crawling. We did consider spiking the other babies bottles with some Benedryl to even out the playing field. As much as we cheered and hoped that Soren would miraculously sprint across the pad, he made us proud with his belly breast stroke. Hopefully, he at least got a few pointers from the competetion. Check out more pics published in the local paper The Echo.

Grandpa Henry teaching Soren that Magnum PI moustaches are indeed a manly quality to aspire to have.