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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mr. Personality

One of Randy's favorite pastimes is styling Soren's hair after bathtime. All it takes is a little fohawk action and the boy goes wild.

Dolphin Show

Thanks to the Minneapolis Public Library, we were able to check out the MN Zoo pass and spend a glorious Sunday morning checking out the various animals. By far Soren's favorite zoo hangout was the dolphin tank. Soren was conviced that he was also the dolphins favorite attraction. Soren would wave, then a dolphin would swim by and wave back. With Soren's love of the water, we may have a budding dolphin trainer on our hands.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Chariot

School is back in session and that means I am back at work. I have taken a sabbatical replacement position at The College of St. Catherine. Gone are the leisurely mornings in place of a hectic shuffle getting Randrea out the door. As sad as it is to leave Soren for a few hours in the morning, we are blessed by the good care he is in. Granny Annie now gets private play time for two days and his best buddy Kai and his awesome mom Molly play together the other two days. We scored a double stroller (thanks Katie!) Molly named "The Chariot" where the boys rule the Longfellow neighborhood.

The Great Minnesota Get Together

Since Soren hasn't reached the solids stage where he can eat food off a stick, we had to search out other forms of entertainment at this years State Fair. Here is a visual tour of the highlights.

It has been a busy 8 months for both Soren and Senator Klobuchar, but their paths finally cross at the fair.

Abigail Klobuchar was the same age as Soren when I was her nanny 12 years ago - time does fly.

Visiting newborns at the Miracle of Life Center.

Checking out the Midway.

Meeting Ronald McDonald.