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Saturday, June 07, 2014


It has been a summer of turtles. It started with a camping trip to Lebanon Hills Campground where we found a turtle trying to cross the road. All the boys were rather excited, touching its back and likely agitating it when Soren decided to try to feed the turtle some grass. The turtle snapped out its head and bit Soren on his thumb. As scary as the incident was for Soren, we were happy it was a mere flesh wound and not a loss of his thumb. To overcome Soren's anxiety over turtles, he partook in the Nisswa turtle races a couple of weeks later. His winning turtle in his heat helped gain back his confidence with turtles.

The turtle that bit Soren (prior to the bite). You can see in the picture that Soren is a bit leary of the turtle. Pictured are Soren, Sevi, Mason and August.
Soren with his winning turtle at the Nisswa Turtle races.
Soren with his winning ribbon.