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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Like Father, Like Son - Hopefully

Randy sings a song to Soren to the tune of Row, Row Row your boat, but with the words Ride, Ride Ride your bike while pumping Soren's legs in big circles. So when the professional Great River Energy bike race came to the Twin Cities last week, you betcha we were there to take it in. Friday night we watched the downtown Minneapolis crit, then Sunday we hit Stillwater to watch the final crit. Soon enough Soren will be racing in the kids race that they also sponsor, but in the meantime we are on the prowl for a Burley bike trailer.

Mirror, Mirror.........

During our 6 year hiatus from Minneapolis, a few things have changed. Now Minneapolis is a hip city, and everywhere you look there are condos going up. Some of the more questionable parts of the city are now being gentrified by the condo industry. Other areas that had great landmarks are also being cleaned up and revitalized. One such area is the historic mills and Gold Medal Flour warehouse area along the Mississippi River. There is now a museum, park, farmers market and the new Guthrie Theater; called "a 21st century dream factory" by Time Magazine. One of the signature features of the new Guthrie, the cantilevered lobby known as the "Endless Bridge" is an observatory for the Mississippi River falls and landscape, providing great views during diaper changes. The Guthrie also has all sorts of shiny new surfaces to entertain little children with. (Photos by Brian Jolley)

Mr. Tummpy Wump

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Days

Grassy Fascinations

Fathers Day Family Self Portrait

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grandma's Marathon

Randy celebrated his 46th birthday by running Grandma's Marathon. It was a glorious, yet hot day. Randy was a champ though and was cheered on by Soren and the onsie I made to help him get through the 26.2 miles. Randy's word of advice - Don't ever do a marathon with a newborn at home. We are proud of you Randy!

One Big Happy Family

Meet Brian, one of my graduate school roomates. He made a pit stop through Minneapolis on his way to a teaching gig in Washington State. Brian is also a photographer, so out came the Polaroid camera - an old favorite of ours.

The Square Shooter: Polaroid Type 88

Polaroid no longer makes this film anymore - no thanks to the digital boom. Brian sacrificed one of his images (actually three to get this shot) so we could sample a taste of nostalgia. Thanks Brian!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

America's Next Top Baby Model

Let's be honest - who doesn't think their kid is "the cutest" kid ever?!? So when I saw this modeling opportunity for Soren I had to jump on it. Sure I had visions of Soren being "discovered" and making millions to pay for his college and our retirement years. Wouldn't you if you had the cutest kid in the world? So Soren partook in the Happy Green Bee Organic clothing line photo shoot and was paid with a pair of organic socks and web site/catolog coverage - so much for those millions. But heck - we still have the cutest little baby!

Yummy Mango!

The signs were all there. The licking of the chops, grabing as our forks passed from plate to mouth, the longing stare, and our own guilt of denying a child such yummy food variety. We strapped on the bib and handed over the teething ring filled with mango. Soren went ga-ga over the new taste. Now he happily joins us at the table, sucking away at his new experience.

Swinging at the Park

To Market We Go

Monday, June 04, 2007

Little Music Man

Minneapolis has numerous opportunities for little ones to get exposed to music at an early age. All summer long there are free outdoor music concerts almost every night of the week. There is also Music Together, Musik Garten, and Musical Trolley to get one through the winter months. BUT, how many little babies get to have a private performance from the former Minnesota Orchestra principle cellist? Both Bob and Soren were entertained by the other and Soren was quite the captive audience member. Perhaps we may have a budding musician in our future.