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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tis The End of the Season for the Cottage

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Camping at Gooseberry Falls State Park

We have been eagerly anticipating the summer that we would introduce Soren to camping, wanting to wait until he wasn't crawling and putting everything into his mouth. Things still go right into Soren's mouth, but we took the camping plunge two weeks ago. To get into any of the popular North Shore (as in Lake Superior) State Parks - you have to make your reservations early in the season and hope that the weather will cooperate for the week you picked. We scored big time, as we had the perfect campsite, perfect weather, and the perfect amount of activities to keep a highly active toddler happy. Soren loved the whole experience. Below you will find a visual overload of the 4 day adventure.

We ditched our backpacking 2-man tent and borrowed a 4-man tent - a true key to camping survival - space.

Soren loved reading books by flashlight.


The beaches were loaded with natural toddler toys - sticks and rocks. Soren spent hours playing with these objects.

Mr. Green Eyes

Hiking with Gooseberry Falls in the background.

The famous squint.....

A flash forward picture of what Soren's will look like when he will be a teenager. Can't you just read the thoughts: "take the damn picture mom".

Getting ready to hit the Gitchi Gami bike trail.

Checking out the view from Split Rock Lighthouse.

Hanging out at Iona Beach.